The World Health Organization (WHO) expert group on Sri Lanka has warned that the current rapid spread of the coronavirus indicates that Sri Lanka could soon face a health crisis. The Independent Expert Group assessing Sri Lanka’s Covid situation is predicting an explosion of new Covid infections in the next three months and is calling for an immediate restriction of mobility and social mixing to save lives and ICU admissions.

With the current level of mobility/restrictions, cases will rise up to mid-September at 6,000 per day, deaths rising up to early October peaking at around 220 per day, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) peaking at around 275 by early October, and cumulative deaths around 30,000 by January 2022. 

The expert group warned that it was essential that “Immediate actions are crucial and critical because it takes a few weeks before measures show a positive impact on the number of infections and hospital admissions. Any delay in implementation will lead to an increase in deaths and will require even more stringent measures.”

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