Commitments made has been inconsistent and subject to considerable delay.

During an informal briefing in Geneva on 04 February 2019, with the Human Rights Council President and Members the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights noted that Sri Lanka would be among the countries which would have the attention of the Council at the 40th session which begins later this month. Speaking on Sri Lanka, the High Commissioner noted the positive developments in Sri Lanka, especially the establishment of the Office on Missing Persons (OMP). However, she asserted that progress on transitional justice had been slow and delayed.

Sri Lanka

Despite some positive developments –such as the operationalization of the Office of Missing Persons –progress towards the transitional justice commitments made by the Government of Sri Lanka in 2015 has been inconsistent and subject to considerable delay. There has been progress, as I said, with the Office of Missing Persons, there is also the establishment of the National Commission for Human Rights. But still there is lack of sufficient progress, particularly towards truth seeking and accountability for past human rights violations and implementation of critical confidence-building measures, create, if it continues in this way, significant obstacles to reconciliation.

Importance of the transitional justice process in Sri Lanka being kept on Council ́s agenda. We have explained to the Government that we are ready to continue assisting the Government of Sri Lanka to advance this process in close coordination with other parts of the UN. (UN)

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