Sri Lankan schoolgirl produces environment-friendly disposable lunch boxes

Sri Lanka, like most countries around the world, has a problem with producing huge amounts of plastic waste.

On a daily basis, many Sri Lankans use polythene ‘lunch sheets’ to wrap and transport their meals – and then throw the plastic away.

But now a 17-year-old school girl, Tharushi Widushika Rajapaksa, has invented the ‘alternative lunch pack’, which is reusable and biodegradable – and as a result, could help save the planet.

17 year old Sri Lankan schoolgirl, Tharushi Vidushika Rajapaksha, had designed, and is now producing an environment-friendly and disposable lunchbox which will help get rid of the environmentally destructive plastic lunch packets in a country where office goers eat their lunch, comprising rice and fish or chicken, out of plastic wrappers or packets. Courtesy: BBC

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