NPC wants UN to appoint Special Rapporteur

The Northern Provincial Council (NPC) called on the UN Human Rights Council to ensure Sri Lanka was referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to refer Sri Lanka to the UN General Assembly and to the UN Security Council in order “to be referred to the International Criminal Court or to a specially created international criminal tribunal set up by the UN”.

In a resolution passed on 11 September 2018, the NPC also urged the UNHRC, which is currently holding its 39th session in Geneva, to appoint a UN Special Rapporteur for Sri Lanka and to urge the UN to impose military sanctions on Sri Lanka.

“This Council calls upon all member countries of the UN to deny entry visa to Sri Lankan military personnel implicated in the war crime, and explore other avenues, including the application of universal jurisdiction as proposed by UN High-Commissioner for Human Rights in his Annual Report dated 26 February – 23 March 2018,” the NPC’s resolution said.

“Since Sri Lanka has failed, and is unwilling to offer an equitable political solution to the Tamil speaking people, and failed to take adequate measures to prevent the recurrence of the past violence, this Council calls upon the member countries of the UN to help conduct a UN monitored referendum in the North-East region of the Island to determine the political preference of the Tamil speaking people towards finding a permanent political solution.”

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