UN writes over failure to meet deadline on torture report

Abdelwahab Hani Rapporteur  for Follow-up to Concluding Observations Committee against Torture The United Nations Committee Against Torture (CAT) has in a letter dated 20 August  2018, sent to Sri Lanka’s ambassador in Geneva.  referred to the fifth periodic report of Sri Lanka (CAT/C/LKAl5) submitted at its 59th session, held from 7 November to 7 December 2016.

The Rapporteur says in his letter that the information sought by the Committee has not been provided yet by the GoSL, although more than one year has elapsed from the transmittal of the Committee’s concluding observations. He has sought for clarification as to the current status of the Government’s responses on the matters, and as to when the information requested will be forthcoming. These refer to;  the  establishment    of a judicial   mechanism   with  a  special  counsel  to investigate   allegations   of torture, enforced   disappearances   and   other   serious   human   rights   violations,   and   the establishment   of an independent,   effective, confidential  and accessible  complaints mechanism    for  victims   of  torture    and   the  revision   of  the  Assistance   to  and Protection   of Victims  of Crimes  and  Witnesses   Act  Sri Lanka,

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