Reuniting the Ex-LTTE Cadres into main stream politics

A former active member of the LTTE and many of his colleagues in the erstwhile outfit, have come forward to reunite the divided, scattered and splintered former LTTE members into one strong organization and bring them into the main stream politics to serve the Tamils of Sri Lanka.

Sebamalai Kannan, a veteran former LTTEr, who joined the outfit as a child soldier and subsequently undergone the governments rehabilitation program, presently involved in uniting the former rehabilitated LTTE cadres, into one group in a mainstream political organization, with the view to efficiently serve the Tamils in the country.

Kannan was in the LTTE outfit for well over 22 years and served in the Inteligence division of the outfit during the concluding period of the armed conflict.

His left leg was affected due to a mine blast and it has been amputated up to his knee.

He is from Trincomalee, but presently in Mullaitivu, working with the rehabilitated ex-cadres to regroup them as a political organization.

It is said that Kannan’s aim was to unite all the ex-LTTErs into a democratic organization to win over the rights of the Tamils in the country, as the present political leadership have failed miserably to serve the welfare of the Tamil ethnic group since from the independence of the country in February 1948.

It is learnt that already there are three LTTE groups in the country –

1. Crusaders for Democracy are led by Venthan. This group has amalgamated themselves with the Ilankai Thamil Arasu Kadchchi (ITAK) and some of the members of this group are contesting in 33 seats allocated by the ITAK in various local government bodies in the Northern Province in the ‘House’ symbol.

It is also learnt this group has a maximum a total of 50 former LTTE cadres and Venthan is the President, Kathir – Secretary and Thulasi, the media contact persons and this group has been presently absolved unceremoniously into the ITAK.

2. Another group is called Rehabilitated Ex LTTE cadres led by Inbarasa. Now the President of the group Inbarasa has joined Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) led by V.Anandasangaree and contesting in the local government elections in Muthur Pradeshiya Sabah in Muthur .

Others including Lingham, the Secretary of the group and the remaining members are now with Kannan to reorganize the former LTTErs nationally and internationally.

3. Also the Tamil National Democratic Crusaders led by former cadre Katpakan alias Sivakumar and his members have already decided to strengthen the hands of Kannan and work with him to unite the ex-cadres of the outfit as a powerful and stron g democratic organization.

Kannan when contacted told ‘Asian Tribune’ that they have already roped in more than 2000 ex LTTE cadres and hope to bring into their outfit the majority of the rehabilitated ex-cadres and make it as a democratic force to represent the Tamils of this country.

He said on the 18th of February, they have planned to hold the first general body meeting of their group in Puthukkudiyiruppu, in the Mullaitivu district.

He said in that meeting, they would decide on the name of their outfit and also elects the office-bearers including, President, General Secretary and the executive committee needed to promote, administer and run the proposed new group.

Once the executive committee of the outfit has been elected, then the rules and regulations, aims and vision of the outfit would be declared and measures would be taken to register their group as a political party with the Elections Commission.

When asked what they are doing at present other than organizing their group, Kannan said that their group members are also contesting in the forthcoming local government elections as an Independent Group.

He said that they are contesting in Muthur and Manthai West Pradeshya Sabhas, in the Shield symbol.

Also he said that their group members are contesting in other local bodies by joining with other independent groups.

He concluded that the results of the local government elections would confirm their popularity with the Tamils in this country. (Asian Tribune)

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