The forthcoming Local Government Polls will decide the future of the country

Acting Bishop of Mannar Kingsley Swampillai said he wants a constitutional change, a change that would be in favour of all the minorities in this country.

He noted that the forthcoming Local Government Polls will decide the future of the country in terms of amending the Constitution so that it would be ultimately favourable to all communities.

The Bishop added that the country is going on the right path and the amendments to the Constitution seem to be ‘acceptable’ as they are aligning with the government.

This is based on the voter patterns and most possibly, he hopes that the constitution will be passed through the parliament.
“It all depends on the LG polls,” he added.

With the Constitution there will be a renewal on the ethnic, linguistic and religious reconciliation at all levels, he noted.

He also mentioned that the Joint Opposition should think as one country and independent decisions do not work in a democratic process.

“You cannot call the ethnic problem a stigma. It would keep recurring all the time so the JO must realize that they should not defy the devolution of power and stay away from considering if they want lasting peace for the citizens.

On the accountability issue, the acting Bishop also noted that alleged war crimes and criminal courts will see a ‘change’ in thinking, if the country gets a Constitution with devolution of power.

This election would tell if the devolution of power could be implemented properly though a referendum (if so) and that would make the minorities insist on war crimes probes.

In the North and the East, he noted, people who were divided over politics are now gearing up to vote as Tamils. “Tamils are strengthening the unity and supporting the Tamil National Alliance and this should not be a missed opportunity but a joint act to work as one people.”

He also noted that the development of the North and East will also depend on the constitutional changes and if those are implemented there will be a development boom in these two regions. (Ceylon Today)

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