TNA split

The Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO) dropped a bombshell on the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) last week when the party’s hierarchy decided to quit the alliance. The move comes in at a time when the Local Government elections are expected to be held early next year.

The TNA has been drawing a lot of flak from some of its constituent party members who accused the party leadership of sympathizing with the government and neglecting the demands of the Tamil people. Ever since the new government was formed in 2015, the TNA had been treading a middle path.

Many, including its constituent parties accused the leadership of the TNA of soft-pedaling with the government. The division within the alliance was exposed when leader of the EPRLF, Suresh Premachandran quit the alliance. In addition, Northern Province Chief Minister, C.V Wigneswaran formed the Tamil People’s Forum which consisted of those who criticized the TNA.

Further, the TNA and its leadership distanced itself from the “Ezhuga Thamiz’ events organized by the forum in which Wigneswaran took part. Though many parties forged against the TNA in the past, the alliance saw success in successive elections thanks to the traditional vote base of the Ilankai Thamiz Arasu Katchi (ITAK), the main component of the alliance. However, the dynamics are likely to change in the future as youngsters and activists forge alliances against the TNA.

The TNA may not face losses immediately, but there is a possibility that its vote base could reduce if it fails to address the issues of the people immediately. However, the issue here is not the TNA or its issues. The issue here is the lack of unity among the Tamil political parties.

For a minority community that had faced the brunt of the war for over 30 years, it is important that the politicians who represent the community are united and have one agenda in their minds, and that is to work for the betterment of the people. Unfortunately, the burning issues of the people have taken a backseat while all were busy looking at constitutional reforms.

The priority here is the people and their immediate needs. Unfortunately, the Tamil politicians have failed in addressing this issue. (Nation)

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