Rehabilitation Plantations Ltd aims to become model employer

Rehabilitation Plantations Ltd (RPL) is determined to become a model employer by ensuring all-round development of the repatriate population from Sri Lanka who work and reside in the estates owned by the company. The company, based in Punalur, Kollam, has decided to prepare a comprehensive scheme to address the employment and housing issues of the repatriates and their Indian born children. The scheme will be finalised soon in consultation with the government. The residential population in the company’s Ayirnallur Estate now comes up to around 5,000.

Though the target of the project was to rehabilitate 675 families, RPL has rehabilitated 700 families and provided employment to two eligible members from each family. The company is also providing permanent employment to all eligible repatriates having their names enrolled in the family cards, subject to the requirement of the company.

Other Initiatives

As part of diversification, the company has started vegetable cultivation in poly houses and is doing pineapple cultivation as an intercropping venture. The company also has a cashew plantation. The company is now well-equipped to provide consultancy in this area and started on trial basis.  RPL is now planning to venture into goat farming and farm tourism. RPL is giving paramount importance for conserving soil and water inside the estate areas.

Till date, seven check dams and 26 ponds were constructed.  Also as a part of MGNRES programme, activities such as creating staggered trenches and contour terracing are being done to ensure soil and water conservation. Another recent endeavour of the company is to begin the end-to-end production of Rocket Case Insulation Sheets (ROCASIN) for the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC). (New Indian Express)

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