UN report wants an end to involvement in commercial or civilian activities

The UN Committee on the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has published its findings on the countries it examined during its latest session, held from 29 May to 23 June 2017, in Geneva:  Australia, Uruguay, The Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

The UN committee called on Sri Lanka’s military to end its involvement in commercial or civilian activities and begin returning appropriated private lands and expressed concern that “the military still controls substantial areas of private and public land in the North and East of the country and continues to engage in commercial activities, including farming, tourism, coffee shops and hotels.”

UNCESCR asked the Government to “take measures” to map private and public land under the control of military in view of ensuring its restitution.

The concluding observations highlighted concern that women-headed households, “in particular those in the North and East,” were vulnerable to poverty, “sexual harassment, and violence including sexual exploitation and bribery by officials.”

Commenting on Sri Lanka’s transitional justice process, the committee found that “these efforts are not clearly articulated with the different policies to realise economic, social and cultural rights.”

The review process included submission from non-governmental organisations.

The findings, officially known as concluding observations can be found here.


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