Tamil leaders involved in anti-Tamil conspiracy

The Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Tamil-majority Northern Province, C.V.Wigneswaran, alleged on Wednesday, that there is a plot by the Sri Lankan government to deny a just political solution to the Tamils in association with some Tamil leaders.

The bid to create confusion in the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) is meant to divert the peoples’ attention from that plot, Wigneswaran said in answer to a journalist’s question.

Instead of giving the Tamils adequate power devolution and uniting the Northern and Eastern Provinces to constitute a single Tamil province, the Sri Lankan government is trying to foist a half baked political solution, he charged.

Top government ministers have said that devolution will not go beyond the 13 th.Amendment of the present constitution, he noted.

Some Tamil politicians who are close to the government are part of this effort, Wigneswaran alleged. He pointed out that these Tamil politicians are not revealing what is actually going on in the constitution making process. And to divert the people’s attention from this, they are using some members of the NPC to create confusion in the council. He appealed to the people to be vigilant about this.

Recently, 15 members of the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK), along with some opposition members, had wanted to move a No Confidence Motion against Chief Minister Wigneswaran for the partisan way in which he handled the inquiry into corruption charges against four Ministers. The appointment of the inquiry committee had also been illegal, they said. The inquiry committee ought to have been a Select Committee of the NPC and not a set of outsiders.

After the dispute was “settled” because of the intervention of some religious leaders and foreign diplomats, Jaffna District MP, M.A. Sumanthiran, demanded that the terms of reference of the fresh inquiry into the conduct of the ministers should include charges against all the five members of the Board of Ministers, including the Chief Minister. (Newsin.asia)

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