Indian political party urges Indian Govt to provide protection

A Hindu political party in India, has written to the Indian government to provide protection to a controversial Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka who who is well known for making alleged hate speeches and attacks against minority communities.

The Hindumahasabha – Loktantrik political group headed by Yogi Brahmarishi Dr Santosh Rai, has written to Indian’s State Minister of Home Affairs, Kiren Rijiju, stating that the Indian government should intervene to ensure the safety and protection of the General Secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), Gnanasara Thero, who recently had an arrest warrant against him in connection with obstruction of justice, hate speech and several other crimes.

In the letter, Dr Rai had said Gnanasara Thero has worked in many fields, like raising his voice “against Radical Islam Activities in Sri Lanka which is more dangerous for the Indian subcontinent”, “against some radical Muslim Organisations who were trying to destroy Buddhist heritage as well as trying to defame Buddhist monks,” and “against forced conversions of Buddhists and Hindus into Christianity and Islam” which Dr Rai claims has been stopped due to Gnanasara Thero and the BBS.

“Due to pressure from Muslim Leaders in Sri Lankan government, arrest warrant have been issued against Sri Lankan Buddhist monk Gnanasara Thero. Hindus and Buddhist community from India have opposed this act of Sri Lankan government,” Dr Rai wrote in his letter.

“Indian and Sri Lankan culture is common, so that Government of India should intervene in this matter to provide safety or security to Buddhist monk Gnanasara Thero in the interest of Sri Lankan and Indian relationship,” Dr Rai added.

Gnanasara surrendered himself before a magistrate and was then arrested in connection with arson attacks targeting the island’s minority Muslim community in recent months.

Police spokesman Priyantha Jayakody said he had been released on bail of $8,000 and ordered to refrain from hate speech and inciting violence, AFP reported.

Jayakody said four police teams had been looking for Gnanasara before he turned up in court on June 21.

Authorities in the Buddhist-majority nation are under international pressure to crack down on a wave of religious violence that has escalated since April, including arson attacks on mosques and Muslim-owned businesses and the desecration of a cemetery.

The BBS had said their leader was ready to give himself up if he was assured protection, but Jayakody denied there had been a deal allowing him to emerge from hiding.

Police had already arrested 14 people, including a BBS monk, over the latest violence, AFP reported. (

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