Muslims will be compelled to seek international community support

If the incumbent government continued to overlook the racist acts perpetrated on the Muslim community, it would lead to a situation to lodge the complaint with the international community, EPC Leader of the Opposition M.S Uthumalebbe said.

Hence, the government and the defence sector should take action to contain the racist acts inflicted upon the Muslim community, he said.

The EPC Leader of the Opposition made the above comments after presenting an emergency Bill on Tuesday to institute legal action on those who perpetrated racist acts on the Muslim community in various places across the country when the House met presided over by Chairman Chandradasa Galappaththi.

Muslims in Sri Lanka voted for a change of regime since the previous government did not take any action on the attacks inflicted upon the Muslim community and their places of worship. Sadly, even in the regime of good governance racist acts on Muslims were increasing at an alarming level. That had led to a situation for the Muslims to live in constant fear. Many business establishments owned by the Muslims and their places of worship were attacked during last month. Moreover, incidents of grabbing the ancestral lands owned by Muslims living in border villages continued unabated, the EPC Opposition Leader said.

He said that the EPC should appeal to the President and the Prime Minister to take legal action against the racist groups indulged in these unlawful acts and to bring the situation under control.

“Ampara is the only district where Muslims are in the majority. Lands in Ampara are not issued based on the ratio of the population. I have requested the District Secretary of Ampara to distribute lands based on the ratio of the population,” he said. (Daily Mirror)

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