TNA discussed issues of mutual interest

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today met the leaders of Sri Lanka’s main Tamil party TNA and discussed bilateral issues. The Tamil National Alliance delegation led by main opposition leader R Sampanthan met Prime Minister Modi at the Colombo airport before he left for home after wrapping up his two-day Sri Lanka visit.

In the meeting, TNA leaders discussed issues of mutual interest to India and Sri Lanka, the party sources said. According to TNA sources, Prime Minister Modi commended the Tamil party for its role in the current political context in the island nation when constitutional reform process is being envisaged. The TNA expressed their dissatisfaction on the slow progress of the constitution-making process.

The northern hardline Tamil chief minister who represents the TNA was not a part of the delegation. Party sources said C V Wigneswaran who also represents TNA had not been invited to take part. The northern chief minister was present at President Maithripala Sirisena s dinner hosted last night in Modi s honour. The hardline Tamils find fault in the TNA leadership s conciliatory stance vis-a-vis the government on key issues facing Tamils.

Earleir, Modi addressed thousands of Tamils at a rally in Dickoya town in thetea growing Central Province of Sri Lanka. Modi said Sinhala and Tamil communities in Sri Lanka should strengthen unity and harmony as he assured India’s full support to the steps taken by Colombo to improve the living conditions of minority Tamils in the country. (PTI)

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