Need for religious leaders to play a dynamic role to end conflicts

The Saudi Arabian delegation to the International Seminar on ‘Islamic Reality and Timely Challenges’ praised Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena’s views on religious harmony and peace. They said that the people in the Islamic world, where the President’s speech at the seminar was relayed, expressed deep appreciation for its contents.

A high level delegation which attended the seminar called Friday on President Sirisena to express their gratitude to him for the speech and the participation at the seminar.

Sirisena emphasized the need for religious leaders to play a dynamic role to end conflicts and usher in lasting peace in the world. “While people have a mistrust over politicians, they respect the religious leaders and they have a tremendous influence to guide the people to the right path, the President said.

The Advisor to Islamic Minister of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz Al Ammara said that under the leadership of President Sirisena, Sri Lanka is a worthy example to follow for religious amity and peace.

Secretary General of the World Assembly for Muslim Youths, Salih Nasseer Mohamed Al Saleh said that President Sirisena’s policies would result in further strengthening of relations between the Islamic world and Sri Lanka.

The Saudi delegates said that Saudi Arabia would extend fullest support to Sri Lanka’s development efforts. (Eurasia Review)

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