Sumanthiran lobbying in Geneva

Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian M.A.Sumanthiran, who is currently in Geneva, urged the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) officials not to allow Sri Lanka to make any change in the original resolution co-sponsored with…… the UNHRC by the country in 2015.

Sumanthiran met the UNHRC officials in Geneva on Saturday (18) morning where he briefed extensively on the failures in implementing the key aspects of the UNHRC resolution of 2015 by the Lankan Government.

Sumanthiran speaking at the UNHRC Commissioner’s office said that the Lankan Government has not fulfilled its commitment on appointing foreign judges to investigate into the alleged war crime.

According to Sumanthiran the Lankan Government is attempting to deviate from its stance on appointing the foreign judges to investigate the alleged war crimes and planning to adopt a local judicial mechanism to investigate the alleged war crimes.

Sumanthiran also pointed out that as it was agreed in the 2015 UNHRC resolution Office of the Missing Person was not established. The other aspects of the resolution not fulfilled by the Lankan government according to Summanthiran are: No release of political prisoners, no release of lands and no move made to remove the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA).

Sumanthiran also briefed the officials from Britain, USA, Canada, and European Union on the failures of the Lankan Government in implementing the 2015 UNHRC resolution.

During his talks with UNHRC Chairman’s officials Sumanthiran said that at the beginning of the UNHRC session in March the Commissioner should stand firm on not giving more time for Sri Lanka towards implementing the UNHRC resolution the country cosponsored in 2015. (Ceylon Today)

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