Refer Sri Lanka to the UN General Assembly: – TGTE

The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE), representing the Tamil Diaspora, has written to all members of the Human Rights Council, and to the 37 co-sponsors of the resolution on Sri Lanka. Its letter said:

Numerous resolutions were passed in UN Human Rights Council since the war ended, now seven years, time and space in good faith with encouragement were given to Sri Lanka to implement, including their own LLRC report, but no concrete actions were taken by both the previous and the present new government.

The suppression and subjugation of the Tamils, serious violations of international law, including labour laws, land grab, colonization, sinhalanization, and structural genocide still continues in the Northeast of Sri Lanka, aided and abetted by the government and the army.

The progress and the implementation of the resolution is minimal and is deliberately being delayed to avoid scrutiny.

The Sri Lankan government is reneging and now calling for a domestic internal investigation, deliberately to undermine the OISL report and the UN HRC resolution, to further delay justice and accountability for the victims of the Mullivaikkal war. Their leaders are now ruling out the involvement of the courts to probe war crimes committed by the military during the final stages of the war.

Numerous international reports are pointing that Sri Lanka is not progressing towards a genuine reconciliation and political process.

This totally contravenes the recommendations and authority of the UNHRC resolution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Charter.

Since the Sri Lankan government is deliberately delaying without any justification, especially the repealing of the PTA, release of prisoners of war, addressing the missing persons issues, release of land and houses to the legitimate owners, not stopping but aiding and abetting all colonization / sinhalanization process to change the demography of the Tamil Homeland, a roll-over or an extension of time would further delay justice, accountability, reparations to the victims and the reconciliation process.

This is to buy time to deviate the international community from its spotlight, and to continue and complete their hidden agenda to change the demography of the Tamil Homeland.

The victims, dependents of the death and missing persons are still hoping and waiting for justice, accountability and reparations, and looking up to the UNHRC to deliver. The UN HRC has given enough time and space to the government of Sri Lanka, but now seriously need to consider referring Sri Lanka to the UN General Assembly an immediate action plan to resolve these long drawn ethnic issues.

Enough is enough, continued pain and sufferings cannot go on under the watchful eye of this august assembly.

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Manicka Vasagar

Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE)

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