Rameshwaram fishermen threatened

In an ongoing tussle between the Tamil Nadu fishermen and the Sri Lankan Navy, close to 3000 Tamil Nadu fishermen were forced to return home. The fishermen recounted that they were intimidated at gun point and threatened to return, leaving behind their catch.

“We were all fishing when Sri Lankan Navy officials at gun point threatened us. We were forced to leave our catch. This is the source of our livelihood and if we are unable to follow our source of income, how are we going to survive?” questions Dominic, a fisherman from Rameshwaram.

According to reports, five fishermen were injured after being attacked by the Sri Lankan officials. In the month of December, close to 30 fishermen were arrested by the Sri Lankan Navy.

Indian fishermen have been continuously asking for the intervention of the central and state government to bring an end to their struggle.

During the recent meeting between Chief Minister O Paneerselvam and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the issue of fishermen was also highlighted. “We don’t have any choice, we don’t have another way to live. If the government doesn’t interfere, then there is no choice but to die,” said another fisherman from Rameshwaram. (India Today)

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