Scot flies 5000 miles for case to be adjourned

A Scot travelled 5000 miles to a Sri Lankan court to face claims he attacked a playboy – only for the case to be adjourned.

James Casserly, 45, was hailed a hero after defending girlfriend Belinda McKenzie from a government minister’s son.

James, of Shotts, Lanarkshire, says Malaka Silva groped Belinda in a Colombo nightclub in October 2014.

Silva then punched her twice before James stepped in to defend Belinda by hitting Silva.

A court date was set for yesterday to decide if James or Silva will face charges. James paid £1500 to travel to Colombo for the case.

But he was told a decision had not been reached on whether to proceed with the case.

James said: “I have dragged myself half way across the world only to be told I have to come back in five months.” (Daily Record)

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