Calls for unity, reconciliation

reconciliationSri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena called on parties and scholars Friday to join in the efforts to strengthen reconciliation and support the new constitution to solve issues in the island nation.

“If we cannot strengthen reconciliation among all communities it is a massive disaster,” President Sirisena said.

“The root cause of many of the wars, conflicts and bloodshed in world history has been mostly language, religious, racial and cast differences.”

He said that politicians attempting to become “so-called patriots and heroes” have never attempted to find solutions to genuine issues of the people.

He pointed out that these politicians who create problems in the country aimed at only winning votes were committing a national crime that would affect the future generation.

“We are attempting to introduce a new constitution,” the president said. “Discussions are made in that direction and some are trying to point out that the government is attempting to divide the country.”

He further said the country needed a mechanism that would bring about lasting peace and reconciliation among the communities.

“We are not solving the issues by the gun as ours is a harmless government. Everyone should join hands with us to find a solution.” (Xinhua)


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