TCSF calls for a accountability and justice

tamil-society-forumThe Tamil Civil Society Forum condemned the shooting of two Tamil students of the Jaffna University last Thursday.

“The killings that took place now, have the power to deepen further the oppressive situation,” TCSF said in a statement calling for a accountability and justice.

“A credible investigation has to be conducted into these assassinations and the culprits must be brought to book. Otherwise, such assassinations are capable of instilling a very strong social fear.”

The group also called for an investigation into what it described as the “initial cover up attempt of the police of these assassinations as an accident”.

“This incident questions whether there will be a credible investigation. We do not have confidence that the Sri Lankan police will do a fair investigation. We as a community should oversee the investigation vigilantly.”

“We should not allow these assassinations to instil fear among our whole community. It is time for social conversations and organised peaceful social activities,” the TCSF said.

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