Vaiko acquitted

vaikoMDMK general secretary Vaiko, who has been accused of indulging in sedition and unlawful activities in support of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), an outfit banned in India, was acquitted of the charges by a lower court here on Thursday.

“No charges against the accused under Sec. 124-A of the IPC (sedition) and 13 (1) (b) of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (supporting unlawful activity), are proved,” Arul Murugan, III Additional Sessions Judge, said on Thursday. “This court acquits the accused,” the judge added in a crowded court.

The charge against Vaiko was that on October 20, 2008, he spoke allegedly infringing upon the sovereignty of Indian nation and hailed the LTTE, which fought for an independent Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka during the final stages of the civil war between the Tamil Tigers and the army of the island-nation.

Speaking on the topic “Ilangaiyail nadapathenna” (what is happening in Sri Lanka ?) at a closed door meeting at Rajah Annamalai Mandram exactly eight years ago on October 20, Vaiko lashed out at the Centre for aiding Sri Lanka in its alleged efforts to decimate the LTTE.

During questioning, Vaiko admitted that he did address the meeting. He, however, denied the charge of sedition. He had talked only about the plight of Tamils and their pain and sorrow and not against the sovereignty of India, he had claimed.

The ‘Q’ branch wing of the State police filed the case of sedition and unlawful activity against Vaiko.
During the trial of the case, prosecution witnesses, who were mostly policemen, stuck to their position against him, though several others had turned hostile. Vaiko’s speech copy in CD form and its transcripts were also submitted to the court in evidence, earlier. (New Indian Express)

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