IDP’s to protest demanding houses

housing-indianThe Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the North will stage a massive protest demonstration demanding houses if the government does not implement housing projects meant for IDPs with immediate effect, sources told Ceylon Today.

Sources also said over 20,000 persons will engage in protests demanding houses in the North.

Furthermore, over 97,000 applications have been received when a model house of the 65,000 housing project was opened for the public.

When President Maithripala Sirisena visited the model house, he had been impressed  with the structure, and the tender for the 65,000 housing project had been approved by the Cabinet in September 2015. However, to date, the government has not given the green light to the company to begin construction.

Sources said a number of IDPs are still living in camps or haphazardly built shelters and are suffering due to lack of facilities. According to sources these IDPs have been living in terrible conditions for the past five years and that despite many promises they had not been given proper houses by the government. Therefore, as a last resort they have now decided to stage a massive protest seeking a solution to their problem. (Ceylon Today)

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