Say no communal hatred propaganda

wigneswaran-2Defending Northern Province’s Chief Minister Mr C.V. Wigneswaran over his speech at the mass Tamil rally last week, the All Ceylon Hindu Congress joined Mr Wigneswaran in calling for a federal solution to the ethnic conflict as a means to ensure harmony.

The All Ceylon Hindu Congress releasing a statement went on to say:

Citing the speech made by Sathyaviththagar Hon. Justice C.V. Wigneswaran at ‘Rise Thamilz’ on last Saturday 24th September 2016 in the North, a few Politicians and Religious Leaders have been making statements through the Media on the basis of communal hatred. All Ceylon Hindu Congress expresses its strong condemnation of and regret on those statements.

His Excellency the President has been repeatedly recalling in his speeches, the considerable support given by Thamilz speaking people to enable a government of good governance (Yahapalanaya). Having chosen to forget or ignore that, a few extreme communal minded politicians and religious leaders are taking forward a communal hatred propaganda through the media. This must be halted forthwith.

However, one of the important Cabinet Ministers, Hon. Vajira Abeywardene, Minister of Home Affairs, has looked at Hon. Chief Minister’s speech in the correct perspective and presented the truthful position through newspapers stating that Hon. Northern Province Chief Minister has echoed the views of the people of his Province.

One columnist in an English newspaper has rightly pointed out, that the protesting people had read only the front headlines in the media and had not bothered to read the entire text of the Chief Minister’s speech.

The Chief Minister has clearly declared that he is not acting against Sinhalese or Buddhist or any other race or religion.

In these circumstances, we consider it as an act of sin to insult the Chief Minister as a racist. We believe that efforts are being made to prepare a constitution with a view to create a reconciliation and mutual trust among and to grant equal rights to all the races. The majority of the people should not think that a constitution should be thrust by them on the minorities. That is not the real democracy.

Racists should please cease to make efforts to deprive the Tamil speaking people of seeing the dawn of an era to satisfy their aspirations.

It was the late Mr. S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike who first proposed a political solution by way of federalism in this country. Federalism is not a division of the country. Federalism will pave way, by way of devolution of power for the people of all the communities to live in harmony with equal rights within one country. When His Excellency the President, Hon. Prime Minister, Hon. Leader of the Opposition say that there will be a political solution by way of devolution of power, certain racist elements are carrying out misleading propaganda to incite communalism. We vehemently criticize this attitude and appeal to them to desist from doing that.

We regret to hear that an organization which claims to be propagating the ideas preached by Lord Buddha, has been shouting that all the Tamils should be sent to India.

All Ceylon Hindu Congress is a non-political institution. However, taking into consideration the apprehensions expressed by minorities (in particular the Tamil speaking people, most of whom are Hindus) we are making this appeal.

While appealing that no one should create any hindrance to the present opportunity of creating an atmosphere of equal rights and peaceful co-existence to all the people of this country we urge all the Political Leaders and the Religions Leaders co-operate to make and implement a constitution in that direction and to guide all the people in that correct path.

We make this appeal with prayers for the Divine blessings on the country and its peoples.

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