Clash at the Jaffna University unfortunate

Sampanthan.jpg 2Following a question raised by Chief Opposition Whip Anura Dissanayake in Parliament regarding the clash at the  University of Jaffna on 16 July, TNA Leader R. Sampanthan wanted the Government to inquire whether there had been political motives behind the clash at the Jaffna University and certain incidents in other universities.

He said “such political motives could be to deliberately deter the process of reconciliation and such activity could be intended to jeopardise the country’s main goal of reconciliation and unity among all people. As senior citizens of the country, we have a duty to ensure that the situation is not exacerbated. We must be conscious of the fact that there are certain elements in this country who are trying to create trouble and that those elements cannot be allowed to have a free run” he stressed.

Referring to the clash at the Jaffna University as unfortunate , caused as a result of some misunderstanding over arrangements pertaining to a welcome event to new students, Mr. Sampanthan said everyone should ensure that such misunderstandings are avoided. “Fortunately the situation was brought under control very rapidly with all sections of the students and the University authorities fully cooperating to achieve that objective. I do not think we should exacerbate the situation and there is a duty cast on all of us to act with restraint. The University should be opened and I believe steps have already been taken in this regard and some departments have already started functioning,” he said.

“Let the normal inquires take their course and the let the results be known and decisions taken after the inquiries are over. While we must all act with restraint in regard to a matter of this nature I think it is also obligatory that we must not be oblivious to the fact that incidents have also been taking place in other universities. I do not want to specifically refer to those incidents but I think there is duty on the part of the Government to take cognisance of it,” Sampanthan said.

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