Truck attack similar to Tamil terrorist tactics in Sri Lanka

TerrorismThe use of a truck in Nice, France, is not an unusual mode of attack, although it seems to have caught France by surprise. The now-vanquished Tamil Tiger terrorist group in Sri Lanka, have used truck bombs in terrorist attacks. The Tamil terrorist group, banned in Europe and the US, used a truck packed with explosives to bomb the 10-story Central Bank of Sri Lanka in the capital Colombo in 1996, killing innocents and destroying a part of the building. A guard killed the driver before the Tamil terrorist cold plow the truck deep into the basement. More than 90 were killed and hundreds were wounded. The truck also carried attackers who opened fire at the site.

On another occasion, Sri Lanka’s defense forces detected a truck packed with thousands of pounds of explosives concealed inside panels, ready to be driven to Colombo with cargo to avoid military scrutiny at road blocks along the way. Many Tamil Tiger terrorists fled to France and other European countries during the reign of terror that lasted three decades until it was ended in 2009. Many Tamil terrorists still live in France masquerading as refugees fleeing repression. (The Standard)

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