Sri Lanka should stick to agreements

unStéphane Dujarric, Spokesman for the UN Secretary-General, responding to a question on Sri Lanka posed at the daily press briefing  on 12 July 2016, said that there are agreements between Sri Lanka and the international community and Sri Lanka should stick to those agreements.

Question:  Thanks.  I… I… I listened to the Secretary‑General’s speech on… in the human rights event, and he mentioned [Human] Rights Up Front, which at least, I think, somehow is connected to what happened in Sri Lanka, or at least I’ve heard it described that way.  So, I wanted to know, the President of Sri Lanka, Mr. [Maithrepala] Sirisena, has recently said there will be no international judges in the working of accountability procedures which seems to be a stepping back from what he had said and was praised for saying.  Does the Secretary‑General have any view on this stepping back?

Spokesman:  I haven’t seen those exact comments.  There are issues between the international community and Sri Lanka and agreements to ensure accountability.  And we hope those are followed.

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