National security has been further strengthened

maithripala sirisena.jpg 2The national security of Sri Lanka has been further strengthened and it has not weakened in any way, President Maithripala Sirisena emphasized.

He made these remarks when he met with members of the Sri Lankan community living in Japan yesterday (27).

The President also requested the Sri Lankan community in Japan to extend their assistance to build the country while not falling prey to misinformation spread by some political powers regarding the national security of the country .

The President recalled that in those days some countries in the world rejected to provide military trainings for our security forces, but today they have agreed to provide these trainings to our forces and further said that he vehemently rejected the claims by some websites that the Government is betraying the security forces.

President Sirisena further said that as a result of not fulfilling the tasks properly that we should have performed during a post-conflict era after ending the war the present Government had to provide answers to the international community for those issues. Countries like Japan, Vietnam and Korea became prominent countries in the world by transforming their war victories to achieve success. But Sri Lanka has been failed in this regard, he added.

As the national reconciliation could not build from cement and bricks , the mistrust among the people in the North and South had during the last 27 years could not remove in the same way, the President said.

Responding to a question with regard to the releasing the lands in the North the President said that if someone acquire lands belongs to another the original owner may can wait for a month, two months or a year but they cannot wait in the same way forever. “But the people in the North are requesting to fulfill an aspiration they had for the last 27 years,” he said.

The President Sirisena also recalled the warm welcome he received by the State leaders at the G7 Summit and further said that it evident for the confidence and blessing received from the international community for the initiatives by the new Government.

The Sri Lankan community in Japan warmly welcomed the President Maithripala Sirisena and the President also engaged in a very cordial and friendly discussion with them. (PMD)

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