Tamil People’s Council hand over proposals to India

tamil peoples councilA five member team of Tamil People’s Council (TPC) lead by its one of the Co-chairs, consultant cardiologist of Teaching Hospital Jaffna Dr. P Lakshman, handed over its final proposals to Consulate General for India in Jaffna Mr. A Nadarajan on 27 April for transmission to the Government of India.  The delegation comprised members from the Action Committee and Sub-committee for political affairs.

The TPC had earlier on 25 April handed over a copy of their proposals Public Representations Commission on Constitutional Reforms (PRCCR). Head of the (PRCCR) Attorney Lal Wijenayake has told representatives of the Tamil People’s Council  that their proposal aimed at diluting the existing unitary character of the state was unacceptable. The PRCCR rejected proposals for a solution based on federalism and insisted that any future solution would be within the existing unitary character of the state.

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