Sri Lanka mulls devolving powers to provinces

devolutionSri Lanka on Monday said it is considering devolving powers to provinces through a new constitution which is now under discussion.

President Maithripala Sirisena said he supports devolving powers to provinces within a united Sri Lanka.

The president said the government is keen to give more powers to the provinces through the new constitution.

He noted that several issues faced by the people can be addressed by strengthening provincial councils.

The president said that in the modern age, experts always speak of how best powers must be devolved and not just be focused in one area.

He said that if anyone opposes devolving powers, that is a sign of how those people have not moved ahead with the changing times.

Sirisena said it is important that the government and the provincial councils reach an understanding on the issues at hand.

There is opposition to moves to devolve powers in Sri Lanka, particularly to the minority dominated north of the country where Tamil Tigers once fought for a separate Tamil state. (Xinhua) 


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