Tamil people still faced military occupation

Ananthy Sasitharan 2Speaking as the representative of the Integrated Youth Empowerment–Common Initiative Group Northern Province Councillor Ananthi Sasitharan told the UN Human Rights Council that the  state is still practising “serious discrimination” in the north and east of the country against Tamils, and continues its military occupation of the North-East. She said  real reconciliation could only come through demonstrating serious commitment to resolve the conflict and address the wounds,and that the Tamil people still feared to give their statements to the Commission of Inquiry.”  Sasithran said the Tamil people were “disappointed” by a UN resolution “that has handed over our fate of investigations to those who committed the crime of genocide and continue to commit the crime of structural genocide against a people”.

“We seek this Council to change the course and call for international investigations,” she concluded.

Meanwhile the Pasumai Thaayagam Foundation spoke about the situation in Sri Lanka, saying that while there had been some improvement in the situation, the security forces continued to detain, torture, and sexually violate Tamils in a network of sites across the island.  Sri Lanka had to fulfil the commitments it had made to the Council and provide transitional justice for past crimes.

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