Government to extend public sector salary increments to service personnel

Army VictoryParade_9The Sri Lankan government is taking measures to extend the salary increment of Rs. 10,000 given to the state employees to the tri-services personnel as well, the State Minister of Defense Ruwan Wijewardene said.

“Final arrangements are being prepared by the government to add the salary increment (Rs 10000) given to the state employees be also added to the salary of tri-service personnel in consultation with other relevant authorities,” the Minister said.

The Minister said he had a round of discussion was last night with the Prime Minister who has a broader understanding about the anomalies in servicemen’s salaries.

The Minister said made these remarks at a ceremony held to present the ‘Virusara’ Privilege Card to service personnel at Kuruwita on Friday (11).

“Our government does not expect servicemen be used for political gains or other political activities and we have not been influenced by any foreign power to compromise on national security concerns, nor are we ready to pull out our troops that have been deployed for security purposes. The government would not do anything that would damage the reputation of armed forces and even the foreign observers are abided by respective law enforcement in the country,” the State Minister said.

“Law of the country is equal to all in society irrespective of their status. It is the same for politicians too. President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe formed this national government in order to resolve burning issues of the country for the last 30 – 40 years and the public opinion is the most importance element for us,” the Minister further said.

He said that although the opponents of the government are spreading various misleading and untrue allegations regarding War Heroes and the national security, the government would not in any way allow anyone to insult or degrade the service personnel.

The Minister also assured that the government will wipe out the gangs who threaten the peace in the country.

“I also would like to tell you that the government will wipe out underworld gangs who are trying to disturb the hard-earned peace. All of us should be law-abiding citizens and we all are under the law. The government will not allow take the country back at dark era again and nothing has happened that threaten our national security arrangements,” the Minister said.(Colombo Page)


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