Justice and Peace Commission

 arrestChairman of Justice and Peace Commission of Jaffna Catholic Diocese Rev. Fr. S.V.B. Mangalarajah releasing a statement regarding Tamil Prisoners stated: ‘The prolonged agony of the political prisoners in about 12 jails and detention centres is causing concern for the people who are keen on building up a just and peaceful society in Sri Lanka. The case of the political prisoners seems to be a forgotten one. These unfortunate people in the past have voiced their grievances on several occasions by hunger-strikes and petitions. Every time the politicians and the rulers promised to do something about their case and at the end nothing substantial has been done.

He said the statements made by some leaders in authority indicating that there are no political prisoners and only those who were involved in some criminal activities are detained etc. cause a lot of concern and worry.

n Oct. 2012 a special court was set up at Anuradhapura to take up the cases of political prisoners. But about 300 cases of child abuse cases were handed over to this court! Only 19 of political prisoners’ cases were sent to this court. But so far their cases have not yet been taken up.

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