TNA discusses federalism at constitutional workshop in Scotland

tna 2The leader of the Tamil National Alliance R Sampanthan and Parliamentarian MA Sumanthiran joined a constitutional workshop in Scotland, to discuss possible solutions for Sri Lanka.

The workshop which began on Friday, was hosted by academics affiliated to Edinburgh University, with lessons to be learnt from the Scottish experience in the United Kingdom.

The Tamil National Alliance leadership had a brief meeting with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London before heading to Scotland Tamil Guardian learns.

Before leaving for Scotland, Mr Sumanthiran told press in Colombo that TNA was taking part in constitutional discussions and sought a solution that is on federal liens, stating,

“We will state our position that to the two main parties and the Sinhala parties and the Sinhala people in this country that it is an arrangement that is on federal lines that will best ensure that there will not be a call for the division of the country. We say that the best way to ensure that the country doesn’t divide is to have a power-sharing arrangement that is in consistent with the principle of federalism.” (Tamil Guardian)

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