Pune girl with Sri Lanka links who wanted to join ISIS arrested

TerrorismThe Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) on Thursday arrested a 16-year-old girl from Pune, who was planning to join terror group Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). Sources say that the teenager was planning to leave the country to join the ISIS.

The arrest came after the ATS began tracking the conversation exchanged between the teen and her sources from other countries. According to the ATS, the teen developed her interest for the terror group four months back on the internet. Gradually, she came in contact with a person from Sri Lanka and several others from other countries on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and through emails.

Through constant messages, the ISIS finally managed to convince the girl to join the terror organization in Syria next year. The group also reportedly promised to provide her with medical education.

Sirajuddin, who remained in contact with the teen, has been arrested from Jaipur. Officials say that Sirajuddin was an ISIS recruiter and an Indian Oil Corporation staffer, who would coax youngsters on social media to join the ISIS group.

Police officials claim that there was a steady change in the teen’s lifestyle in the past few months. The girl slowly switched from wearing jeans to burqa and a hijab. The girl belonged to a good family and had done her schooling from a convent school.

The ATS is now trying to track more people who remained in touch with the female student from India. (India Today)

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