TNA cannot shirk its responsibility

sumanthiranNorthern Province Chief Minister Mr C. V Wigneswaran issued a lengthy explanation yesterday in response to allegations that he acted against the Tamil National Alliance at the General Elections held in 2015. In this regard, I welcome his confirmation of incidents I have highlighted previously. The acceptability or otherwise of his explanations and his interpretations of his own conduct are matters to be decided by the party.

Honourable Wigneswaran was specifically handpicked by the leader of the Tamil people Mr. Sampanthan to function as the Chief Minister of the Northern Province. The people responded expressing overwhelming support for the leader Mr. Sampanthan’s choice. This support for him has been continually demonstrated at successive elections. There is a sacred bond between the Tamil people and their leader. Those who attempt to sever this bond have been rejected by the people in the past, and they will continue to be rejected by the people. Each of us is duty bound to act loyally towards the party and its leader. As far as I am concerned, there is no room whatsoever for compromise with respect to the need for loyalty. I affirm that my actions in relation to party affairs will continue to manifest this unequivocal position.

We are all also bound by a duty to overcome efforts to divide the TNA and work constructively in the interests of our people and towards their liberation. In this regard, it is essential that the Northern Provincial Council which is controlled by the TNA functions effectively. We assumed control of the Province’s administration because of the importance of using the existing powers and resources made available to the Provincial Council in the interests of the people, even as we attempt to overcome the weaknesses of the Provincial Council system and make power sharing more meaningful. I reaffirm my willingness to fully support any person functioning as Chief Minister on behalf of the TNA, just as I assisted Chief Minister Wigneswaran and the Provincial administration on his request when the TNA took over the Provincial Council,

The Tamil National Alliance cannot shirk its responsibility to utilize the opportunity that presents itself today to work for the benefit and freedom of our people with sobriety and wisdom so as to pass the necessary statutes in the Provincial Council; accept and utilize the support already forthcoming from the international community; and transform the provincial administration to efficiently address the needs of the people with respect to fisheries, farming, healthcare, education, livelihoods, technological advancement and development centred on raising living standards.

I trust the incumbent Chief Minister Wigneswaran will accept and utilize my continuing offer of assistance at this juncture.

M A Sumanthiran

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