Conference outlines recommendations for reconciliation

DiasporaA document has been formulated by South Africa’s Solidarity Group for Peace and Justice in Sri Lanka (SGPJ), as an outcome of a conference hosted by them and attended by Tamil politicians, members of Tamil civil society, members of Tamil diaspora organisations across the world, and South African foreign office officials.

The conference was convened by the SGPJ in response to official statements that South Africa’s assistance would be sought in a reconciliation process.

The list of recommendations laid out by the Tamil organisations include public acknowledgement of the systemic nature of the crimes committed with impunity against Tamils, removal of troops from the North-East and demilitarization of the area, the de-proscribing of all diaspora groups and individuals, open and unimpeded access for international NGOs and human rights organisations to the North-East, the release of all political prisoners, closure of secret camps and space for Tamils in the North-East to remember their war-dead without interference, intimidation or reprisals from the state.

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