Government was downplaying the international component

Tamil Society ForumTamil Civil Society Forum Co-Spokesperson Kumaravadivel Guruparan  was invited by BBC’s South Asia Editor Charles Havilland on BBC World Service on 21 October 2015 to speak about the UNHRC Resolution, the Government’s interpretation of the resolution, the Paranagama Commission Report etc.

The spokesperson, called on the Government to take the reconciliation process forward by telling the truth about the United Nations Human Rights Council resolution on accountability in Sri Lanka.

He said that the government was downplaying the international component of the criminal investigation that it signed up to at the UNHRC, Guruparan Kumaravadivel said,

“The new government cosponsored the UN resolution on accountability in Sri Lanka which called for foreign judges and prosecutor participation but they have been playing down the foreign involvement part of the resolution and suggesting merely involvement of experts.…They are not speaking truth about the resolution let alone being prepared to speak about what really happened in Sri Lanka, not just in the last phases of the war but over the last 30 years. And this is where the problem is. If even this government is not willing to talk to the Sinhalese on the need for an honest recounting of what happened. They should start by honestly telling the Sinhalese the honest purpose of the resolution.”

On the question on whether a truth commission would satisfy the victims needs, he said, “Not just Tamil population, but OHCHR says there needs to be criminal prosecutions. To tackle impunity truth telling is not enough. Prosecutions as guarantees of non-recurrence for Tamils to start in process of reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

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