All Ceylon Hindu Congress appeals to President

reconciliation.jpg 2The All Ceylon Hindu Congress has appealed to the President to view the pleas of political prisoners in a spirit of compassion and sympathy. The letter bearing the signatures of ACHC President Kandiah Neelakandan and General Secretary Dr.Muthiah Katirkamanatahn states:

“We Appeal to Your Excellency to release the Tamil Political Prisoners and detainees languishing in the jails.We made this same appeal on 10 th January 2015 when we sent Your Excellency the Best Wishes of the Hindus of this country. Now, a Hindu Priest has been sentenced to jail, despite his plea that he was forced to make a confession under duress. In that connection we annex hereto a copy of the report given by J.M.O dated 10th June 2002 which shows how he was assaulted and humiliated in custody. Another Hindu Priest is to face trial and he also claims that he was forced to make a confession under duress.

We urge that the Hindu Priests should be shown clemency and the other prisoners are also entitled to justice and fair treatment.

During this holy period of Navaraththri we appeal to Your Excellency to do justice by these prisoners.

All the Hindus of this country will appreciate if Your Excellency’s Government can arrange to release all the prisoners before Deepavali.

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