TNA join hands with Tamil political Prisoners

tna 2Tamil political prisoners detained at various prisons in Sri Lanka continued their hunger strike demanding their release from  prison.

Tamil National Alliance members also participated in a hunger strike commenced by the Youth of North province at  8.00 am in front of the Nallur Kovil premises in the Jaffna district, in support these prisoners

Northern Provincial Council Chairman C.V.K. Sivagnanam, NPC members Gajadeepan, Sugirthan, Paranjothi, NPC opposition leader Thavarajah  and Members of the Northern Provincial Council , Parliamentarians and former Chairman Pradeshiya Sabaha members were also present at this protest.

However, the participation of the general public in this protest was in a very small numbers.

The hunger strike by the Tamil political prisoners continued for the 2nd day.

There are about 201 so called political prisoners detained and 197 are males and 4 are females. Of them, 40 people were awarded punishment by courts and currently 161 persons are awaiting trial / undergoing legal proceedings .

There are 109 prisoners detained at the Welikada Magazine prison and 30 in the Anuradahapura prison with the balance detained in Bogambara, Trincomalee,  Kalutara, Galle, Batticaloa, Badulla,  Jaffna, Polonnaruwa and Moneragala.

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