Tamil Eelam is the solution

Resolution 2PMK leader S. Ramadoss on Saturday said that if Sri Lanka was ready for an international inquiry into the “war crimes and human rights violations,” the United Nations should hold a referendum among the Sri Lankan Tamils across the world for the creation of a separate Tamil Eelam.

“Tamils cannot live in peace and with dignity in a country that refuses to change its attitude and is not allowing an international inquiry,” he said in a statement.

India and the U.S. should take steps to conduct an international inquiry as Sri Lanka, in the last half a century, had not fulfilled any of the promises made to the Tamils.

“The international community should not allow itself to be short-changed by the Sri Lankan government,” he said, recalling Sri Lankan President Maithripala Srisena’s statement that he would consult Buddhist monks before taking any decision.

“His statement is clear proof to the fact that the administration in Sri Lanka is controlled by religious leaders,” Dr. Ramadoss said. (The Hindu)

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