Tamil Tiger Front Organizations produced fabricated reports and documentaries at the UNHRC sessions

DiasporaThe Executive Committee of the Sri Lanka United National Association of Canada based in Toronto Canada has come out with a report alleging that the Tamil Tiger Front Organizations Frantically Scramble to Produce Fabricated Reports and Documentaries to Frame Sri Lanka at the 2015 UNHRC Sessions.

The report reveals that the following front organizations of the internationally designated terrorist movement known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), aka Tamil Tigers, have been using their accumulated funds earned through human smuggling, extortion and other illicit operations to come up with fabricated material to produce reports and video documentaries to frame Sri Lanka at the current UNHRC sessions in progress since 14 September 2015 in Geneva.

These 15 front organizations listed from Nos. 2 to 16, and 424 key activists belonging to these groups have been duly proscribed as terrorist entities in terms of the UN Security Council Resolution Number 1373 of September 2001 and UN Regulation No. 1 of 2012 with effect from March 21, 2014:

01. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam a.k.a LTTE a.k.a Tamil Tigers.

02. Tamil Rehabilitation Organization a.k.a TRO.

03. Tamil Coordinating Committee a.k.a TCC

04. British Tamil Forum a.k.a BTF

05. World Tamil Movement a.k.a WTM

06. Canadian Tamil Congress a.k.a CTC

07. Australian Tamil Congress a.k.a ATC

08. Global Tamil Forum a.k.a GTF

09. National Council Of Canadian Tamils a.k.a NCCT a.k.a Makkal Avai

10. Tamil National Council a.k.a TNC

11.Tamil Youth Organization a.k.a TYO

12. World Tamil Coordinating Committee a.k.a WTCC.

13. Transnational Government Of Tamil Eelam a.k.a TGTE

14. Tamil Eelam Peoples Assembly a.k.a TEPA

15 .World Tamil Relief Fund a.k.a WTRF

16. Headquarters Group a.k.a HQ Group

The Executive Committee of the Sri Lanka United National Association of Canada further referred to the report titled ‘Tainted – Freedom From Torture Report’ and the video documentary named ‘Sri Lanka – The Search For Justice’, which have been put together with the aid of questionable sources.

Freedom From Torture Report: This report is based on alleged torture of about a dozen former Tamil Tiger fighters who escaped to the UK with the help of the LTTE front organizations at the conclusion of the armed warfare between the LTTE and the Sri Lanka Army which was concluded on May 19, 2009. It is apparent that these persons would not qualify for entry to the UK, and most likely agreed to be subjected to their bodies being burned with hot irons, cigarette butts, etc, at the hands of paid operators in the UK in order to make a case for asylum in that country and demonize Sri Lanka at the same time. Over 11,700 former LTTE cadres that surrendered to the Sri Lankan forces were rehabilitated with new life skills and released to society whilst 594 among them who were ex-child soldiers were released to their parents. None of these rehabilitated former Tiger fighters have complained of any such torture and ill treatment at the hands of Sri Lanka’s military. The UK must thoroughly investigate these cases and find out if these tell-tale signs of torture were discovered at the time of arrival in the UK or if such tales were brought to their notice only at the time of applying for asylum in the country? If the torture marks were found on arrival in the UK, their travel routes should be verified, as most likely, they would have first proceeded to Tamil Nadu, in South India, before setting forth to the UK where such disfigurement could have been arranged with the help of a host of supporters of the Tamil Tiger cause living there.

Video Documentary called: Sri Lanka – The Search For Justice: This is the same Channel 4 video that appeared each year before the UNHRC sessions with footage supplied to the TV station by pro-LTTE sources and questionable INGO/NGO and none having being filmed by CH4. This time around it has been regurgitated with professional editing by TPR Media Consultants in the UK who have shortened it to 30 minutes and have shut out the arrogant and aggressive narrator Callum Macrae’s picture and allowed only his voice in the background but in a softer tone. The usual culprits, namely Gordon Weiss who as the Resident UN Spokesperson in Colombo reported a total of 7,721 deaths during the period September 2008 and May 13, 2009 without distinguishing between Tiger fighters both in uniform and civilian attire and genuine civilians, who later went on to blow it up to a range of 10,000 to 40,000 in his book titled “The Cage” aimed at the over one million Tamil expatriates with an eye to profit. On his being questioned about the large number at a public event in Australia, he had claimed it was a printer’s mistake and rolled back the number to 10,000, giving him the dubious title of ‘unreliable witness’. The total number of persons who sustained injuries according to the ICRC was around 18,400, and it is beyond belief that more were killed, whereas the injured are usually 2-3 times those killed in war zones. Then there is Benjamin Dix hired as a photographer for Norwegian People’s Aid in 2004 to work in the Vanni controlled by the LTTE which INGO’s heavy equipment was used by the LTTE to build high earthen dams and ditches to defend their diminishing terrain. He later joined the UN at Kilinochchi next to Tiger headquarters in 2007, and was cognizant of abductions and child conscription, but attempts to pin blame on the Sri Lankan authorities on whom a war was thrust by the Tigers seeking to break up the country and achieve their goal of a mono-ethnic racist separate state called “Eelam”. It is apparent that he had befriended the Tigers and was governed by his emotional ties and incapable of thinking as an independent human rights worker.

There is the scene showing screaming women standing in a ditch close to a bunker and a man weeping beside a body on the ground supposedly dead and sounds of explosions in the background, which most likely is a staged scene produced by the LTTE’s propaganda unit. We are also reminded of the WFP Food Convoy No.11 of January 21, 2009, where 2 or 3 UN security officers (a westerner, a retired Bangladeshi military officer and a Canadian Sri Lankan Tamil) had accompanied the convoy without prior permission and set up a distribution point wrongly outside the Army declared ‘No Fire Zone’ in a militarily contested area. The westerner whose name probably is Peter Mackay states that shells fell within 5 to 10 meters from the place where they were and he had contacted the UN office in Colombo by satellite phone and wanted the Army to halt the shelling. On the Army becoming aware of the UN presence in the middle of the battlefield, they suspended hostile actions. He then goes on to state that on his waking up the next morning and coming out of his bunker he had seen the bodies of several civilians lying on the ground possibly killed by artillery fire. He then goes on to state that the shells had been fired by the Army which was positioned in the south whereas he had taken shelter in his bunker overnight and not in a position to reach such a decision. This version of the event was relayed to the UN office in Colombo and from there to UN in New York. On Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Disaster Management later becoming aware of this report, they had summoned Chris du Toit the UN Security Chief in Colombo (who had earlier trained Joseph Savimbi’s forces in Angola for the Aparthied regime of South Africa) and the Bangladeshi military officer who had gone with the food convoy, and when asked from which direction the shells were fired, they had identified one that came from where the LTTE forces operated whilst they were unaware from which side the rest had been fired. The wrong assumption reached by the UN officer was never corrected by the UN, and this officer shamelessly maintains his incorrect conclusion to blame the army which had suspended operations easing pressure on the LTTE.

The extrajudicial killing scenes of naked and bound men being shot by an unknown person dressed in a military uniform is repeated in this video as well. The first and subsequent revised video footage was analyzed by Mr.Siri Hewavitharana,Executive Director of IPTV Systems in Sydney, Australia,former head of Cisco’s Global Broadcast and Digital Video Practice Division, and a Video Technology Consultant to the US Defence Department. He stated that “the whole video is a fake with a date indicating UTC 2009-07-15 13 :17:23 which falls after the end of the war, and taken by a Video Camera and NOT by a Mobile Phone as indicated. To me, video editing is so obvious that all it needs is to look into the video end to see more than one video layer, and audio is also not synchronized in with the video as indicated by the previous Channel 4 video.” The UN Rapporteur Christopher Heyns hired a new US based video specialist named Grant Fredericks who made a similar conclusion, that the video had been edited using Phillips editing software, and that it never came from a Mobile Phone as the video is using an Optical Zoom which is not available in any Mobile Phone Camera at the time. Mr. Jeff Spivack the earlier expert also hired by the UN was trying to dishonestly claim that rudimentary editing could be done on a mobile phone, but he cannot maintain that the editing done on this video using a PC is possible with a mobile phone. “What can he say about the 17 frames of video that are inconsistent with the original video? This anomaly was caused in the attempt to create a mobile video format from the original film made from a video camera.” The audio is not synchronized as the original Tamil words spoken by the perpetrators of these crimes have been deleted, and meaningless Sinhala words dubbed in its place to frame the Sri Lanka Army. Video media report: http://www.asiantribune.com/news/2011/06/16/forensic-expert-digital-vide…

The Sri Lanka Army uniforms worn by the perpetrators were available to the LTTE that overran several Army camps at Pooneryn, Mullativu, Elephant Pass, etc. in prior battles. “A Tamil asylum seeker (Tamil migrant may have taken part in shooting of soldiers, hearing told – Global News ) who arrived in Canada on the ‘MV Sun Sea’ admitted to have been one of the LTTE fighters who had been asked to shoot and kill Sri Lankan soldiers held captive towards the end of the war, per news report of 4/19/2011 by Doug Quan in the Postmedia News.”

Reviewing the video, British journalist A.A. Gill said in the Sunday Times: “Not a second of this has been shot by Channel 4; none of the eyewitness accounts come from journalists.” The so called experts hired by the UN Special Rapporteur to authenticate this fabricated video had a poor track record which clearly displayed incompetence, which details were put together by Hassina Leelaratne, a Sri Lankan journalist in San Francisco, in an article titled, UN Officials’ Channel 4 Video Analysis a ‘Forensic Hoax’. This could be accessed at the following Web Link: http://srilankausa.weebly.com/un–forensics-hoax.html .

Colombo based Daily Mirror reported on June 5, 2012, that Ms. Sabaratnam, a former LTTE member, had arrived with her husband from Britain via Dubai on Sunday. Her detention and subsequent deportation was the result of her being blacklisted. On being questioned by detectives, Ms. Sabaratnam admitted she had used different passports to travel to Sri Lanka’s North both during the war and after the war ended. Ms. Sabaratnam who was born at Vaddukoddai in Jaffna is married to Stuart Cosgrove a director of Channel 4. Stuart Cosgrove, who managed to enter Sri Lanka on Sunday despite being blacklisted, was deported yesterday morning, Ms. Sabaratnam is employed as a producer in Channel 4 where Mr. Cosgrove is a director.

Stuart Cosgrove as the spouse of a Sri Lankan Tamil has even been eligible to vote in the selection of MPs to the parliament of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) which is a proscribed entity under UNSC Resolution 1373 of September 2001. http://www.thehindu.com/news/international/sri-lanka-deports-two-channel…. These links could possibly explain how Channel 4 TV came to be associated with this questionable video which has been fabricated to shame, blame and frame Sri Lanka on false charges.

Vany Kumar (just one of her various aliases) who claimed she was a British university student who took an innocent trip to the war zone right in the thick of a conflict simply to visit relatives and becomes the unwitting witness to the bombing of hospitals, killing of civilians and other crimes against humanity. Vany Kumar, in fact, is identified by former LTTE cadre as someone who eagerly volunteered for the LTTE, received military training under an LTTE leader named Castro, wore the LTTE’s signature cyanide capsule around her neck, and was part of the ‘Sothiya’ regiment.

Her stories therefore should be assessed based on her connections to the terrorist movement and not as the innocent British student who knowingly came over to meet with family members in a deadly war zone where she narrates horrendous atrocities while she escaped without a scratch on her body.

There are valid explanations for almost all allegations. It is unfortunate that the so called UNSG’s Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka appointed for appraising the Secretary General for his future guidance, who arrived at conclusions deemed “credible allegations”, based on one sided information coming from pro-LTTE sources which they recommended should be locked away for 20 years is still being referred to in this video as the UN Panel. This unofficial report was surreptitiously leaked by the UNSG’s office and ends up with Navi Pillay former High Commissioner of UNHRC of Tamil descent, who in turn unsuccessfully attempts to table it, but becomes the basis of discussions in Geneva aimed at hounding Sri Lanka for alleged war crimes and violations of international humanitarian law which the Panel themselves state in their report have not been proven.

Also click on the following link provided by Prof. Michael Roberts of Adelaide, in his blog, which gives access to photos taken in the latter stages of the war that shows the actual ground situation before one runs with the slanted stories:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/thuppahi/sets/. (Asian Tribune)

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