India waiting for US draft resolution

Resolution 2India is not likely to make a response to the contents of the report of the United Nations high commissioner for human rights on Sri Lanka, as it mainly waits for the language of the resolution being drafted by US and western nations.

On Wednesday, the landmark report on the last few years of Sri Lanka’s civil war was tabled in Wednesday, which called upon the setting up of “hybrid” courts with international and Sri Lankan lawyers and jurists to probe and address human rights violations by security forces and Tamil tigers.

Incidentally, the UN human rights commissioner Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein said that the report does not conclude that a “genocide” had been committed – even as it listed out in details war crimes of both sides of the civil war.

According to official sources, India was “examining the report”. However, more than the report, Indian officials are waiting for the unveiling of the draft resolution on Sri Lanka by United States and like-minded western countries.

The draft resolution is expected to be circulated after September 24, with the sitting on Sri Lanka in UNHRC scheduled for Sep 30.

US has already indicated that it will support a credible, independent domestic mechanism by Sri Lanka, which was a change in stance compared to that during the previous previous Mahinda Rajapaksa government.

“US has some red-lines in order to be confident that Sri Lanka will deliver on what it commits,” said an MEA official. (New Indian Express)

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