Politicians forget everything they speak during election time

wigneswaranBy C. V. Wigneswaran.                                                             

Although, healthy internal conflicts are needed, I am more convinced that my decision to stay neutral and impartial was correct seeing the situation where people who are in the same Party and contesting for the same policy, slandering and abusing one another and acting in a way detrimental to each other without political etiquette.

I acted and am acting with transparency against great odds to fulfil the promises offered in the Election Manifesto published in 2013 September in view of the Provincial Council Election. Taking forward these promises and proposals to the future entails more and more co-operation and contribution from my people. I am undertaking projects which give importance to People’s interest and I arrange local and foreign meetings related to them in accordance with the Manifesto of the Provincial Council Elections. I deem, it is my duty to give importance to the basic tenets of Tamil people and their interests. I wish to hold on to this responsibility with commitment. I am ready to make any kind of sacrifice towards it.

The Genocide perpetrated during the war period had destroyed the social, economic and cultural structures of our Nation. We have to build these up again. I had the opportunity of having constructive discussions, directly with the people affected by the war in regard to this, after I took over as Chief Minister. I took the decision to be neutral at the forthcoming Parliamentary Elections only after studying all these deeply.

I observe that, the message I disseminated recently had given rise to many conflicting opinions. But it seems that it had made several people to think.

I must make it known that, as far I am concerned, though I am in politics now, I have shown continuous interest in social work and social renaissance, even before I came into politics. Politics is not my full time occupation but a tool for me to continuously engage in the service and renaissance of our people. I have learned a few lessons from my people over the last 22 months.

One of them is that, politicians forget everything they speak during election time after the end of the elections. This makes people disgusted and discouraged.

Second is that after the end of the elections, politicians move away from the people. They are indifferent to the People’s problems, longings and needs. They only provide themselves and their cohorts privileges, show interest regarding them and help them only.

Third is that, they attempt to act selfishly contrary to the promises given in the Election Manifesto. Importantly, they think that there is no redemption if they do not move amicably with the Southern politicians, forgetting all their emotive talks on the election platforms among the Tamil People. They attempt to act in a way that will not vex the minds of the Southern politicians. People pointed out that if they wanted to do so, they should have already indicated their desire in the Election Manifesto.

I have heard people saying several things like that. But when I ask the politicians about them, they use the name of their Party as a cover and try to bask in the glory of their Party.

This is why I asked you to identify representatives who have a policy stance beyond their Party who are honest, committed and who will not end up as turn coats. I also said they must have far sight and concern for their fellow beings.

However, the People should not forget another thing I had referred to in my earlier statement. I had told in it that the representatives we elect should be able to assert the individuality of our People and the right to self-determination of the Tamil People, and endeavour to win the rights of our people and obtain justice for them. Several Parties which are contesting the elections have prepared their Manifestos without referring to the individuality of our people nor their right to self-determination. Even if there are suitable Candidates among them (I am not saying there are), we should keep in mind that their motives are different. I need not say to you that permanent benefits for our Tamil speaking People cannot be won by them. At least from 2009 these parties should have declared to the world about their support for the ideas of Tamil Homeland, our individuality and our right to self determination in terms of the Law. Mushrooms can act in self-interest, but, they cannot become guardians of our People.

After the weapons of war had been silenced, it became the duty of all of us to build up an untainted political culture in the North and East. We should come forward to curb racist political thinking which are attempting to assume monstrous proportions elsewhere in this Country. We should strengthen our relations with the Foreign Countries which have come forward to join hands with us. We can pave the way for a permanent political solution by doing this. Having this in mind, I have indicated in my earlier letter to our people regarding how the quality, qualification and suitability should be of the representatives we elect. Apart from this, I have also asked that, the Representatives at the Centre should come forward to form a regime for good governance, on the basis of principles of justice and equality. Further I have asked that the International exchanges should benefit us.

I am duty bound to say one thing to my beloved sisters and brothers in the context of the Election drawing closer. Elections will be concluded soon. The old life will return again. If changes are to occur in your life in the future, it will not be sufficient if you will choose your Party. It would not be adequate if you would identify the best candidate who is contesting from that Party. It is very important that you all should vote in your numbers on the morning of 17th of August. Please do not be home bound. Go to the polling booths early in the morning and cast your golden votes. It is the only firm democratic right you have. If you abstain from voting, people like those who went to Parliament with only 25 votes earlier, with less votes candidates with deficiencies will become your Members of Parliament. There may be gangs who would utilize your vote in some alternative way if you will not vote. Do not allow such improper activities to occur.

As Valluvan said “Not doing, that which should be done, also creates evil”. If you fail to do your duty, it will be detrimental not only to you but also to the whole Tamil Nation.

Hence, my loving siblings and Youth of the North and East, I request you all to come forward to fulfil your democratic duty of voting in the Election and go in your numbers to cast your votes on behalf of our Tamil people.

First you must decide in your minds, to which Party you are voting on the morning of 17th of this month. That Party should be a Party which could assure the individuality of our Community and insist on its right to self-determination. It should be a Party which is committed to the principles of our traditional homeland, individuality of the Tamil people, the right to self-determination of Tamils, even after the disaster of Mulliwaikal. It should be a Party which is not hesitating to seek justice for the genocide perpetrated against the Tamil people, and it should be a Party that is firm in the matter of independent international investigation. It should be a Party which will not compromise on things like honour, equality, and security. It should be a Party which will undertake efficient rehabilitation works in the post war context. It should be a Party which will work with transparency, in finding out what happened to the people made out to have disappeared and for the release of political prisoners.

I hope that it is not difficult for you to identify such Party which insists on our individuality and our right to self-determination. Keep in mind a candidate from that Party who is firm in basic principles, who is honest, committed to his cause, can work with dedication for the people, has a far sighted vision and has the will not to end up a turncoat at any time. That is to say keep in mind their polling numbers. Go as early as 7’O clock in the morning to the voting centre. Vote without fail. Strengthen the good news that the voter participation this time was the best in Northern and Eastern Provinces.

I take my leave, requesting that all the candidates who are elected, get together on the basis of a target of “People’s Interest First”, under one umbrella and act in unity, with the interests of the people of North and East at heart.

I pray to God that you all will be blessed with continuous Grace from Him!

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