Elect a party that can harness the parties in the South to deliver our rights through diplomacy

Recociliation peace and warTamil social activists led by legal luminary Kandiah Neelakandan have appealed to the Tamils in the north and east to exercise their sacred franchise without faltering and elect a party that has laid its footprint as a force to jealously guarding the rights of the Tamil people for decades.

They also appeal to the Tamil people in the Colombo district to elect a fraternal force that has aired voice for Tamil people.

The appeal reads as follows: “ Tamils have demonstrated in no uncertain terms during the last presidential poll that they are a decisive force in Sri Lankan politics through a prudent excise of their franchise.

Tamils have another opportune moment in this parliamentary election to demonstrate their commitment and their prudence in the north, east and Colombo district through a united stance and echoing their commitment in one voice. The votes should not be split to the detriment of the community.

While you exercise your sacred franchise, recall to memory the Tamil leadership that has withstood all threats and repressive measures to take forward the Tamil struggle without betraying the cause of Tamils and without discrimination on regional basis at every turn of the political annals of the island throughout its chequered history.

Express solidarity with the political force that has laid its footprint in the north and east and in the Colombo district support a fraternal force of the Tamil people.

In the north and east elect a political party that can harness the parties in the South to deliver our rights through its diplomacy.

We recognize the stand taken by Chief Minister of the northern province Justice Wigneswaran that non-corrupt politicians who cannot be bought over be chosen.

We nevertheless disassociate ourselves with non-partisanship or neutral stand for this is a crucial election.

We reiterate the need to elect a time tested powerful political force to empower Tamils at this crucial juncture.”

The appeal is made by Tamil social activists Kandia Neelakandan, Sivasri Vytheeswara Kurukal, Chandra Chawder, Professor Mookiah, Dr. K. Amirthalingam, President’s Counsel Surendarn and T. Manoharan.

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