Wigneswaran’s stance has zero impact on Tamil politics

sumanthiranFormer Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian M. A. Sumanthiran said that TNA was confident on winning all seven seats in the Jaffna Electoral District since no other party will be able to exceed the 5 percent threshold needed to be entitled for a seat.

He said that the TNA will win be able to win around 20 seats in total. He also refuted reports indicating rifts in the TNA. There was natural competition between candidates, not due to any rift, but due to the inherent nature of the PR system, he elaborated.

Sumanthiran  expressed that the non partisan stance of Chief Minister Wigneswaran will have no impact on the victory or otherwise of Tamil National Alliance. It will be zero effect. There need not be any concerns about it.

Responding to a query by journalists, Sumanthiran stated that there can certainly be arguments for and against the announcement by Wigneswaran to be neutral at the parliamentary poll which is crucial not merely for our party but for the Tamil community at large. We don’t intend to offer criticisms on that stance. Nevertheless, such stance will not affect TNA victory.

He reiterated that Tamil National Alliance members, provincial councillors, supporters, well wishers must canvas and strive with dedication to enable TNA to be a vital factor force in the negotiations that lie ahead.

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