Vote for people who put the Tamil nation first

rayappu josephThe Bishop of Mannar, a prominent civil society activist in the North-East, urged Tamil voters to elect representatives who put the Tamil nation first, stating that the Tamil people’s struggle for freedom was not yet over.

“As the struggle for the freedom of the Tamil people has not ended yet, we can be an influential force in Sri Lanka politics by electing representatives who prioritise the welfare of the Tamil nation,” said Bishop Rayappu Joseph.

“Tamils’ struggle for freedom started as a non-violence movement, then transformed into an armed struggle, and the armed struggle ended in 2009 due to different circumstances. Although the war ended, the struggle has not; therefore the only hope that is left for the Tamils is our democratic strength.”

“Let us exercise our democratic rights and religiously think and work towards winning our rights, we can guarantee our rights by using our voting rights that are in our hands.”

“In the recent presidential election, we proved our strength to this country and international countries, here is our opportunity again. By exercising our right wisely, we can win our political and basic rights.”

Meanwhile, the Mannar Bishop Rt.Rev. Rayappu Joseph is to taken to Singapore for further treatment. He is suffering from paralysis an will stay in Singapore for treatment, Rev.Fr.Victor Sosai, the Vicar General, Mannar Diocese said. He further said that, Rs.10million will be needed for his treatment and they hope to collect this money with help of the Tamil Diaspora, and local devotees and well wishers.

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