Ex-LTTE members demand solution of Tamil issue

Sri Lanka map1-873x1024A group of former LTTE members likely to contest August parliamentary polls have sought solution to the Tamil issue in accordance with the promises made by Sri Lankan government under three international pacts, including the 1987 Indo-Lanka Accord.

In the election manifesto released yesterday, the group Crusaders for Democracy has also said if the government fails to address the issues faced by Tamils then their struggle to push for a solution will continue after the August 17 polls. ..

Nadesapaillai Vithyathran, the group’s leader, said they were seeking a solution based on all the three promises.

“We will urge the government to find a solution based on all three outcomes and we will carry on with our non-violent struggle,” Vithyatharan said. “There is no way that Tamils would return to militancy again,” Vithyatharan stressed.

Tamils would want to live in brotherhood with the Sinhala and Muslim communities, he stressed

In 2002 in Oslo, under the Norwegian peace initiative the LTTE and the government agreed to find a solution based on the Tamil right for self-determination in a federal structure.

In 1985 in Thimphu, Bhutan, the Tamil groups and the Sri Lankan government under Indian auspices had agreed to accept Tamils as a distinct nationality.

The Indo-Sri Lanka Peace Accord was signed between Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Sri Lankan President JR Jayewardene in 1987. It was expected to r ..

Under the terms of the agreement, Colombo agreed to a devolution of power to the provinces, the Sri Lankan troops were to be withdrawn to their barracks in the north and the Tamil rebels were to surrender their arms.

The Crusaders for Democracy has decided to contest from the Tamil-dominated northern Jaffna district. However, their main challenger would be the moderate Tamil National Alliance, who have been accused of being proxies for the LTTE. (The Economic Times)

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