Narendra Modi to visit Saudi Arabia and UAE

modi 2Done with Central Asia, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s next diplomatic push is going to be in the Middle East. Attempting a delicate balancing act, Modi will visit Saudi Arabia and UAE before he visits Israel early next year.

Modi is also likely to visit Iran sometime “in the near future” rebalancing diplomatic ties in the region. He is reported to have accepted Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s invitation to visit Tehran when the two leaders met on the sidelines of the recently concluded BRICS summit. No dates have been decided for the proposed visit, however. “India hopes to benefit from the successful conclusion of Iranian nuclear deal involving the US,” a top government official told ET.

Modi’s proposed visit to Riyadh and Abu Dhabi becomes even more significant following the resolution of Iran’s nuclear issue. Modi is likely to visit the two Gulf countries towards end of the year, “most likely end-November”, and could also include a third country in the region. (ET)

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