Support TNA and Reject Independants

tna 2The Tamil National Alliance called the people to provide a mandate through the parliamentary elections, to take up the problems faced by the Tamil people to the Sri Lankan government and also at international level for finding a solution.

It said a TNA win politically means they will be able to take up the issues such as political rights of the Tamil people, land grabbing, planned resettlement, disappeared persons issues and political prisoners to the Government and also at international level and find a solution for it.

After filing the nominations for the parliamentary elections, he said the following to the media in Jaffna. TNA to contest in all the fie electoral districts in North and East and filed nominations on 11 July.

After handing over the nominations the leader of Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK) Mavai Senathirajah said they are expecting the mandate of the people to solve the day to day issues faced by them through negotiations with the new government. ‘We would get all seven seats in this election because the people are with us and encouraging us.’ he said.

The TNA has raised its voice at international level against the human rights violations and war crimes that took place on Tamil people during the 2009 final phase of war. The TNA  has held various democratic struggles in relation to the force land grabbing, planned resettlement, disappeared persons,  militarization and release of political prisoners and to continue these the Tamil people will  have provide their support Mavai Senathirajah further said.

Tamil National Alliance Leader R. Sampanthan addressing the media after submitting nominations at the Trincomalee Secretariat on 10 July 2015 appealed to the Tamil people to support his party and ensure its victory for the wellbeing of the Tamil community. He wanted the Tamil people to reject the independent groups in totality  as their intention is only seeking entry to Parliament and that this is applicable even to Ananthy who intends to contest independently he said.

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